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What is the average length of your menstrual cycle in Days?

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What is Ovulation? Why you should know?

Ovulation Calulator

Ovulaion is nothing but releasing eggs from womens overy. It is the part of your menstrual cycle.

What happens when egg is released ?

When the eggs released from womens from overy then it travels down the fallopian tube or sometimes called uterine tuns. By nature these process will happen to womens every month until a centain period of time period. This process typically happens about 13-15 days before the start of the period

When a couple should have to get together ? Ovulation period for pregnancy ? how many days after ovulation can you get pregnant ?

A couple should probably to have sex at the mid time of your ovulation window period. Even though if you are healthy a couple should have to gether in ovulation time period to get pregnant. Medically this is the correct time to have sex. A women can only get pregnant if she get together with her partner during the 'fertile window or ovulation window'. The chances of getting pregnant will be high if you have sex in the middle of the ovulation window or 1-2 days before the ovulation period.

How many days after my period can I get pregnant ?

If first date of my last period is 28-May 2020 and my mentsrual cycle period is 22 days then after how many days after my period can I get pregnant ?

According to the ovulation calculator, the probable ovulation period is May 4 - May 6. The highest probable ovulation date is May 5 . So if you have sex in this date with your partner then you approximate date to get pregnant is May 19.

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